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im back :)
Saturday, May 23, 2009 6:43 AM

hi everyone Im back :)


im sick :(
Monday, May 18, 2009 6:36 AM

hi guys!

sorry for not updating my blog.. :(

im sick.. almost 3days na. im having fever with colds and cough.
(don't worry i'm not infected by influenza A H1N1)LOL

please pray for me to get well soon so that i'll be able to do blogging and see you in comments and in tag board! i miss blogging and i miss you fellow bloggers. :) pray for me.. mwah!


i love the rain.. just for now
Thursday, May 7, 2009 6:57 AM

wohoo! yeah! its raining hard today.. LOL. I' m just happy that it's raining but I'm not happy that we have typhoon :( I just wanted to feel the cold weather today and I'm in the mood to stay at home since yesterday and the other day and the other other day I'm out of the house :) (lakwatsera mode) LOL

Last Monday I went to Traders Hotel since my mom has a part time job there and just to accompany my mom to sleep that night. (maybe she miss me) LOL The next day we had buffet breakfast at 7am the food was so yummy! I even taste all of the food. LOL.
but before I went there me and my honey watched the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Its a must see movie! Super nice movie :) BTW my favorite among the X-men is Wolverine..hehe. I love his character. I really enjoyed that day! but of course I'm with my honey. (I'm in love) He also gave me a perfume and lotion of Victoria Secret. Wow! I'm so happy that day! Thanks honey! mwah mwah :)

(he already read my blog and he knew that he's the one im referring to my blog.. remember my blog"you're near with me now but still you're too far". Hindi na siya insensitive.haha.)

Then yesterday I went to school to get my blueform and my evaluation form since I have to see my schedule of my classes in my blueform and to know what are the subjects that I needed to enroll since I'm graduating this year. Waah! I can't believe it 1 year na lang and hopefully to graduate this year. haha! :D June 8 is the start of the class (liza its for you) and still I want to have my vacation longer.hehe. BTW, I saw my grades last sem and I'm happy that I have good grades :D and I can avail the 50% scholarship for this semester..weeh! that was great! I have more money for this sem!! haha. I'm rich! :D LOL.

this is my grade last third trimester (january-march)

After school I went to makati to meet my honey there.. at the same time I bought a gift for my mom for this coming Mother's day. I can not post my gift for my mom because It was already wrapped. I will post it later when she already received it on Mother's day :)

My honey gave me again perfume of VS and a pack of Hershey's chocolate kisses. Thanks so much HONEY! :D

too bad we have typhoon today. I cannot go to Puerto Galera with my high school friends. We decided to resched it on next saturday which is May 16. I hope we can still go there.
Today is papa's 2nd death anniversary. The Mama Mary is here brought by the elders and tomorrow will have padasal for my papa's soul. But still my family prayed the rosary and for papa's soul.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009 12:17 AM

Tag from Francesca
8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. puerto galera days with my friends!!
2. enrollment for my incoming 4th yr! hahaha
3. buy sun sim card
4. treat a special someone
5. more blogs to post :)
6. papa's death anniversary/angie's birthday
7. hang out with my friends
8. meet my honey

8 things I did yesterday:
1. went to school (pwu)
2. had lunch with my honey in Makati
3. watch tv
4. text
5. ate pasta (cooked by my honey)
6. hug and kiss my honey
7. wash dishes
8. Sleep

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Win the lottery! (same with francesca. lol)
2. gain weight
3. be a superhero or a superwoman
4. be free and do whatever i want (my family are so strict! urgh!)
5. increase height
6. be always with my honey
7. forever unlimited call and text in globe! LOL
8. cook

8 shows I watch:
1. aliens vs. monsters
2. caregiver
3. enchanted
4. golden compass
5. myx
6. sukob
7. animals funniest video
8. iron chef

8 people I tag:



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